Spiral Cooling Systems


Spiral Cooling Environmental Systems as designed by Air Management provide many important product quality benefits including a key benefit in reducing exposure to atmospheric molds. In colder climates, molds can be found in the outdoor air starting in the late winter and peaking in the late summer to early fall months (July to October).

In warmer climates, mold spores may be found throughout the year with the highest levels found in the late summer to early fall months. This natural event unfortunately can at times be linked to increased consumer mold complaints as these particulates enter the plant and deposit on products.

Our company has been designing Spiral Cooling Systems since 1999 and has a proprietary design that can operate at less than half the energy consumption and tonnage of competitive systems depending on the geographic location.  Several advantages include consistent product temperatures regardless of plant conditions, flexible operation for various products, air  filtration, sanitation benefits, reducing mold exposure and other particulates, indirect humidity control, as well as decreased plant heat load and pressurization requirements.

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