Cleanrooms for Baking Facilities

Ductwork in Process Space is Reduced or Eliminated
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      There has been a significant push the past several years to increase Food Safety and Quality through improvement of environmental conditions inside wholesale baking facilities.  Measures have focused on proper building pressurization and upgrading air filtration to prevent molds and insects from entering process areas.  While we agree these measures are extremely important and positive first steps – there are other critical variables which must to be considered.  A food processing facility is a dynamic and interconnected environment.  Careful analysis of environmental systems modifications are require to verify measures will be effective.  Incorrectly applied measures – even with the best of intentions – may create scenarios which actually decrease Food Safety and negatively impact process equipment such as ovens.  Our experience with design and construction applications for Industrial HVAC systems including Cleanrooms spans over 20-years – when a regional baking company requested an environmental system to “cool” a spiral bread cooler which was being enclosed.  Conversations ensued where we discussed what the “ideal environment” to cool fresh bread would look like.  From this request our Spiral Cooling System was developed – later evolving into our Spiral Product Conditioning System, a name change to better communicate it is much more than just temperature control.

     Over the years enhancements have been made while the emphasis has remained the same; to provide the three “P’s” consisting of a PredictableProtectedPerformance enhanced environment which supports your efforts in creating the perfect product.  From a consistent product quality and food safety perspective, Air Management Technologies’ systems are vastly superior to traditional ambient cooling and fan walls.  With temperature, filtration, and space pressurization control, we can provide you an environment which helps reduce product waste, extends shelf-life, significantly lowers mold complaints, has lower operational energy costs, and increases your clients’ satisfaction knowing they are receiving well-protected saleable product.  As cooling represents about 95% of the time product is exposed to the environment after leaving the oven, controlling the cooler environment represents the area of greatest return.  Product Exposure man be simply expressed as the equation ( Time * Environment ).  In facilities where the ultimate protection is desired the Packaging Areas are incorporated into the overall filtration and space pressurization controls along with positive pressure tunnel enclosures from the ovens or de-panning areas to the cooler inlet…

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