New Innovations for Bakeries and Food Processors

Spot Cooling is primarily used in to help manage worker heat stress in specific locations, or “spots”, providing a stream of cooler and dehumidified air compared to the overall area. 

Typically refrigerated spot cooling is about ten degrees warmer than typical “air conditioning” temperatures with an objective to improve the workers’ conditions.  Spot cooling is not “air conditioning” a space and spot cooling will have negligible effectiveness outside of the supply air location.

Spot cooling using only outside air exchange is the lowest cost option.  Seasonal temperature and humidity variability present challenges limiting this type of spot cooling effectiveness and in many climates may actually increase heat stress when considering humidity and supply airflow impact on the workers’ ability to perspire.  The negative health and safety impacts on perspiration and adding moisture into a bakery are also why adiabatic “swamp” cooling should never be used except in the most arid environments.

Self-contained refrigerated spot coolers have a high investment cost and outside air exchange performance is insufficient for year-round usage.  In response we developed COOL-SHOT to overcome these financial and health safety obstacles. 

COOL-SHOT Brochure

The new EPI-Vision is a remote monitoring and verification system which provides real time visibility of key Food and Occupant Safety Environmental Performance Indicators (EPI). When outside established parameters, EPI-Vision provides notifications which may directly impact Food Safety, Workers Heat Stress, and Product Quality.   More…

EPI-Vision Brochure

The Scavenger oven waste heat recovery system was developed to provide a lower initial cost while still providing all the benefits of our workhorse Sustainable Waste Heat Management System. Used primarily in applications without oxidizers, this modular packaged system provides for a phased approach ideal when line upgrades are planned or boilers require replaced while providing a rapid return on investment.  More…

 Scavenger System Brochure

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