Welcome to Air Management Technologies Inc., where we go beyond traditional contracting to offer innovative and performance-based solutions for your commercial HVAC and energy needs. Our Performance-Based Contracting services are designed to optimize your facility’s efficiency, reduce operating costs, and enhance overall performance. Discover how our expertise can take your business to new heights with the following comprehensive offerings:


High Efficiency Equipment

At Air Management Technologies Inc., we believe in maximizing energy efficiency without compromising performance. Our High Efficiency Equipment is carefully selected to ensure optimal energy usage, resulting in significant cost savings for your business. Upgrade to our high-performance HVAC systems, and experience the perfect balance between comfort and sustainability.

Facility Control Systems

Unlock the true potential of your facility with our advanced Facility Control Systems. Our cutting-edge technology allows you to monitor and control various building systems from a central platform. From HVAC to lighting and security, our control systems optimize energy usage, leading to reduced operating expenses and enhanced overall performance.

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Micro Turbines

Embrace clean and efficient energy generation with our Micro Turbines. These compact powerhouses provide on-site electricity generation, significantly reducing your reliance on the grid. With Air Management Technologies Inc.’s Micro Turbines, you can enjoy reliable power and reduced carbon footprint, all while saving on energy costs.

Lighting Upgrades

Illuminate your path to sustainability with our Lighting Upgrades. Our energy-efficient lighting solutions not only enhance the ambiance of your commercial space but also lower electricity consumption. Save on operating costs while enjoying superior lighting quality with Air Management Technologies Inc.

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Combined Cooling, Heat, and Power (CCHP)

Take your energy efficiency to the next level with our Combined Cooling, Heat, and Power systems. CCHP technology captures waste heat from power generation and repurposes it for heating and cooling purposes. This innovative approach maximizes energy utilization and minimizes wastage, resulting in significant cost savings.

Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs)

Achieve unparalleled energy optimization with our Variable Frequency Drives. These intelligent systems regulate motor speeds based on demand, ensuring that energy is only used when necessary. With Air Management Technologies Inc.’s VFDs, you can expect reduced energy consumption and increased equipment longevity.

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Sustainable Energy Systems

We are committed to creating a sustainable future, and our Sustainable Energy Systems reflect that dedication. Whether it’s solar power, geothermal, or other renewable energy sources, our systems are designed to harness nature’s gifts and provide clean, efficient energy solutions for your facility.

Guaranteed Returns

With Air Management Technologies Inc.’s Performance-Based Contracting, you can rest assured that your investment will yield guaranteed returns. Our performance-based approach means that we commit to specific energy savings and efficiency improvements. You don’t just get cutting-edge technology; you get a promise of tangible results for your bottom line.

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Choose Air Management Technologies Inc. for Performance-Based Contracting that elevates your business to new heights of efficiency, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness. Our team of experts will work closely with you to tailor solutions that match your unique needs and goals. Experience the future of commercial energy solutions with us – contact our team today to get started.

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