Proofer Heating and Humidification Systems

We understand time, temperature, and humidity in a properly controlled environment are essential factors which must work together for the proofing process to achieve consistent dough development. Air Management Technologies offers Proofer air handling systems utilizing steam, hot water, and hot glycol for “dry heat”, and live boiler steam, dedicated direct injection “clean steam”, adiabatic, and electric humidification systems. For tighter temperature control glycolic cooling coils are available as an engineered solution for temperature overruns, excessive humidity, or both. Air handling equipment is available in vertical and horizontal configurations for indoor or outdoor installation. We offer a wide variety of stainless steel duct configurations engineered to minimize stratification. Ask us today if we may be able to help you proof your perfect product.

Proofer Industrial Heat Pumps

Designed to replace steam boilers in facilities or geographic regions where Closed Loop Waste Energy Systems do not provide sufficient payback in retrofit application, our new Proofer Heat Pump system provides thermal process supporting energy at TWICE the efficiency of steam boilers, and is capable of producing free chilled water or proofer cooling to prevent over temp situations.

Process Supporting Hot Thermal and Environmental Systems

Air Management Technologies provides many environmental systems serving hot thermal processes. Hot water, Boiler feed-water preheating, Kettles, Cookers, CIP, Washers, Product Storage Tanks, dedicated Steam Generators, and similar thermal process systems are available. Each system is designed with Food Safety and Product Quality as primary objectives focusing on reliability with reduced energy usage, lower utilities requirements, and lowest possible operating costs. No matter the thermal solutions requirements we have a Guaranteed Solution for your facility.

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