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Spiral Product Cooling Systems

Our self-contained environmental system engineered for bread cooling applications manages temperature, humidity, and air movement providing consistent conditions. Food safety is enhanced through air filtration removing greater than 90% of mold spores, and pressurization control preventing contamination from infiltrating the enclosure and landing on unprotected product. Considering baked products spend more of their time exposed to atmosphere during the cooling process these measures help provide consistent quality product, reduced mold complaints, and less waste. Our systems achieve energy savings ranging from 50% to 90% compared to typical refrigeration systems and frequently even cost less to operate than ambient coolers using exhaust fans and make up air. A 2-Line high speed Bread/Roll plant can exceed $200,000 per year in savings.

Central Glycol Refrigeration Systems

Air Management Technologies has developed medium and low temperature glycol refrigeration systems capable of distributing of fluid for process end uses such as mixer refrigeration, coolers, and chilled ingredient water systems. Our design enhances chiller flexibility and optimizes system energy efficiency while retaining ease of maintenance from a centralized loop. Refrigerant choices for our packaged outdoor central glycol refrigeration systems include low charge ammonia, CO2, Ammonia/CO2 cascade, and R513A, R134A, R1234, and R410A providing you compliance with your company’s environmental policy.

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Chilled Ingredient Water with BHX Technology

Our new patent pending BHX Technology©, which stands for Balanced Heat Exchange, supplies a consistent volume and constant 33F to 34F temperature of chilled water for process batching operations without freezing refrigeration components while avoiding contamination risk. This provides provides enhanced Food Safety, Energy, and Environmental benefits with same or decreased installed cost compared with “traditional systems”. BHX Technology© as the name implies uses the synergies of various associated processes to create a system that actually “pays” for itself when compared to traditional systems with no comprise on performance.

Blast Freezers and Product Cold Storage Systems

With in-house environmental testing and product cooling requirement analysis, Air Management Technologies can provide your facility intelligent facility refrigeration architecture matched to your product requirements with versatile temperature requirements ranging from -50F (-45C) to 50F (10C). Systems are available as fanwalls and conventional evaporators, natural and chemical refrigerants including cascades, with sequential, batch, or air defrost, and as stand-alone equipment or part of a central refrigeration system. Turnkey packages for environmental systems are available including enclosures, racking, general construction, and in-floor heating systems.


Process Supporting Cooling and Freezing Environmental Systems

Air Management Technologies provides many environmental systems serving cold thermal processes. Retarding Environments, Fermentation Rooms, Yeast Systems, Rounder Beds, Cold Hold Tanks, Kettles, Cooling Tunnels, Retorts, Can Coolers, and similar thermal process systems are available. Each system is designed with Food Safety and Product Quality as primary objectives focusing on reliability with reduced energy usage, lower utilities requirements, and lowest possible operating costs. No matter the thermal solutions requirements we have a Guaranteed Solution for your facility.

Central Electrical and Control Panel Cooling Systems

Self-contained air conditioning units mounted on electric panels have long been a source of frustration due to their excessive energy consumption, high maintenance requirements, and questionable reliability. Additionally since equipment is located in production space where high dust concentrations and excessive ambient temperatures may be present, potential exists for the sensitive components inside the enclosure to be damaged. Air Management Technologies has developed a solution utilizing a Central Electric Panel Cooling System by providing conditioning equipment outside the hostile environment. Typical return on investment is usually less than 4-years considering operational expenses and system benefits.

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